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Design and Renovation

Want design or renovation ideas? We can help.

If you’re looking for practical design and renovation expertise then Designed to be Organized can help. With lots of home design ideas and years of actual hands-on renovation experience, you’ll get advice you can trust.

We have expertise on:

  • How to make the existing space more functional
  • What layouts might work and which ones might not be practical
  • Plans for kitchen, closet and general renovations
  • What size or type of furniture to purchase and where to place furniture or artwork
  • Who to contact for renovations, home repairs, painters and real estate agents
  • How to do minor repairs and installations of cabinets, furniture and other items
  • What paint colours and drapery will complement their decor
  • Shopping and sourcing for furniture, artwork or other decor items
  • Ways to Feng Shui your environment
  • A perspective of what improvements will add the most value to the property
  • What minor home repairs should be completed before listing a property for sale

When you want to improve your space but need a little design expertise to get started then contact Designed to be Organized. We would be happy to help.


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