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This is what our clients are saying about us…

Brenda (Canmore)
Realizing that my paperwork was overwhelming me again, when it accumulates once or twice a year, I contacted Charlene via Kijiji. Her replies were prompt and for a nominal fee she travelled outside Calgary to declutter all my paperwork in 5 hours. This was a task I was avoiding all summer. I now how the energy to “see” the high priority projects I am now tackling. She filed everything into hanging folders in a file. I am now continuing with special sorting I can only do on my own. A lovely, lovely lady, who made it fun and saved the day!

Sheila (Calgary)
I loved working with Char. We worked on my dream dressing room and it was so fantastic I asked Char to come back and help me organize and decorate my office. It too is a wonderful place to spend time now. But our third project was the best: an extraordinary quilting room. Char is fast, efficient, and talented.

Carlene (Calgary)
I am so happy with how the closet systems turned out. They look fantastic! Thanks for your hard work.

Judy (Calgary)  
Charlene had lots of great ideas of how to put order to a couple of our home’s clutter spots.  She tackled the job with energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. Her incredible efficiency enabled her to get the job done quickly so that in no time, our home’s troubled spots were transformed from sources of frustration to places of function.

Sandy (Calgary)
I used Charlene from Designed to be Organized to help me tackle the reorganization of my extremely large and disorganized pantry. I had attempted this on my own in the past and the same sort of problem of not being able to find what I needed (before the expiry date) kept occurring. With Charlene’s strategies and patience we accomplished what I thought could not be done in only a few hours! Close to a year later I can still find what I need and at a glance I can tell when I am getting low on items. I can even fit my recycling bins in an easily accessible area and my family has all been trained to locate and replace items on the labeled shelves. (great idea!) I would highly recommend Charlene for any organizational job you may have. She listened to my needs and has the enduring energy to get the job done! When we move back into our home after our renovation, I intend to have her help me organize the new space too.

Karen (Calgary)
Our daughter’s room was out of control and we had no idea where to begin, so I called on Char to HELP. Charlene arrived and without effort had our daughter’s room organized within half a day, bins were put in place and labeled, clutter gone and mostly no more tears. Thank you Char.

Judith (Calgary)
I found myself facing the daunting task of de-cluttering and reclaiming the extra spaces.  As Charlene looked at the garage, bedrooms, and laundry room, she was able to communicate ways in which to efficiently re-organize the spaces.  Working with such an energetic, creative, positive and supportive person was inspirational.  She systematically approached each task in a timely manner.  Some of her tasks included de-cluttering, clearing, cleaning, purchasing organizers, building shelves, and taking useful items to second hand stores.  She also provided words of encouragement and support when needed.  By maintaining the organizational strategies that Charlene provided in the garage and in the home, the daily running of the household has become much more efficient.  As I arrive home from work each day, I enter a tidy garage, organized kitchen and family room, which sets a calm tone.  Thank you so very much for the positive impact that you had on helping me to redefine my spaces in my home.


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